I don't know what to do with my life anymore, as a self taught web developer, I started like anybody doing HTML, CSS and js, and then I met PHP and WordPress.
why the fuck PHP is ugly ? and why WordPress is uglier ? I tried to learn how to build a simple plugin in WordPress but the hooks system make me want to kill my self, how the fuck PHP powers 80% of the web ? every time I write PHP I wish I was never born, the problem is that I can't change job because I am old and I live in a fucking country who is technologically primitive, they fucking know only PHP and JAVA, no Node, No Ruby, No Python, only fucking PHP.
I learned React, I learned Node but you know what I did this last year ? I raped a themeforest theme for about dozen plus websites, A SINGLE THEME FOR MORE THAN DOZEN CLIENTS, my boss does not care, only me who is not sleeping at night because a tried to customize a Prestashop theme and it gave me cramps in the stomach, I feel depressed and useless, I want to quite my job but I can't, I have mouths to feed, WHY THE FUCK DID I FELL IN LOVE WITH PROGRAMMING, I was happy fixing computers, what can I do if the only project that I have are WordPress and Prestashop?
how did you do to stay sane when working with wordpress and prestashop ? are you not human ?I can't take it anymore.
I need a new road map, fuck it I will focus only on JS and Node and fuck PHP.

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    Ripping off clients by foisting Themeforest crap on them?! I'd regard this as bloody SCAM. That you're hating every day you do this shit seems like fate delivering justice.

    Anyway, welcome to devRant, and good first rant.
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    PHP is ugly, internally inconsistent, and a pile of pitfalls and bad practices. Wordpress is the same, but horribly disfigured, diseased, and on meth. For sanity, avoid both.
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    @Root Though there's still some room to the bottom. It's not unheard of to make WP sites even worse by throwing in Bootstrap to fuck up the CSS. The final cherry on the dogpile would of course be jQuery doing CSS' job - just to make sure that the frontend is as bad as the backend so that it's an overall harmonic clusterfuck.
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    I didn't stay sane. I left.
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    Glad I'm not the only one who thinks php is fuckin ugly! I hate wordpress
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    Okay, one thing though... WP is made with PHP, but PHP is faaar more than the clusterphuck WordPress has made from it to make it work. It's coming from what PHP used to be, but surely isn't anymore.. Broaden your knowledge, just don't bash on PHP when your only link with the language is "WordPress"
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    It is the same" I hate this programming language and that programming language". All of them has their up sides and down sides... it is what it is.
    Fyi, I hate JS.
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    That's why I only do programming as a hobby while my actual job (in training) is setting up networks and doing maintenance. If you do only simple things with php and get used to googling what the bloody method was to prepend a variable to an array every 10 minutes it's usable. This way I only need to experience WordPress from the client side...
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    I was forced into our Backend 6 months ago and php is a breeze compared to angularjs once u spend to 50+ hours to configure ur debugger and php ini
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    @Leuljoe What concept does $$ fit into?
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