No one loves Java as much as Google and Oracle. They are willing to have a battle in court. Or maybe it is just that $9 billion 😂😂😝

But on a serious note as a former paralegal "I don't think copyright should be applied on a programming language " plus, I feel like even if it is applied... google is using java in it's own way (android) as the courts have stated that you can't copyright a language syntax or API definition. So Google can use the Java langauge syntax and core Java API freely on Android.

I don't know about you but, a lot of clients do bring up their concerns..on what the implications are for them and their company developing mobile apps!!

Any updates? Concerns? Thoughts?

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    Sad world where people fight about stuff like this..
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    There are _NO_ implications for developers or clients.

    - Only older Androids have a potentially unlicensed JVM.
    - Newer ones are (> Android N) based on OpenJDK which is properly licensed (GPL classpath or so).
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    @sbiewald and don't forget that this whole thing was pretty obviously started in a "sour loser" spirit where Oracle lost their Java Mobile OS market in a flash so they stood up, looked at iOS, Blackberry and Android... and the yelled "they cheated" while pointing a finger at Google. I'm sure they tried to initially sue Apple too.
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    @theKarlisK haha lol. I felt the same way about oracle lol
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