Not a rant, just a depressive thought.

I earn $135k USD a year(plus benefits) and haven't done anything useful in the last 2 months, most of the time I go to the bathroom or the coffee shop to play Disney Tsum Tsum.

Feel empty inside.
Good thing is about to end

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    Wow that's something.
    I mean... Money you make.
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    @orhun And still is not enough, apparently is never fucking enough
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    High cost of living?

    Also: Terminal illness? Impending downsizing? New job? Inheritance? Scheduled alien abduction (envy)?
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    @orhun he is from New York,I know people from there that are earning more and it is never enough, expensive ass state man!
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    @AleCx04 Oh I see. I've never been to US. My comparison argument was wrong 😅
    Fucking expenses.
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    I feel ye.. I make much less than you but I feel the same. I make 52k which is fairly good here but no challenge and meaning to it..
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    Maybe take a half year where you pack your bags. Rent your home on airbnb. And take a remote working trip to for example south east asia. You'll save money and you'll experience something new.

    Have a look at the Digital Nomad documentary. www.onewayticket.io

    Ubud Bali is quite popular
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    I make 29k and I deal with a idiot boss who under cuts me any chance he gets. I'll trade you.
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    @heyheni I will really consider taking two months like this, thanks a lot for the advice bro
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