First real PC (not a laptop)! Runs Arch (Manjaro) Linux!

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    sweet man! got plans of showing us your desktop config?
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    I seem to miss the pun here.
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    Looks great! I quite like that clean looking case.

    @AleCx04 I just ordered a new one too (hasn't received anything yet), but I can send you the spec if you want :D
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    @Jilano would love to hear about it! this year i want to build two machines, another windows based gaming pc and one that will be Linux only :D
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    @AleCx04 Pretty sure you might be able to only build one if you wait for AMD to release new GPUs! Depends on the gales you like to okay, though, as MMORPGs tend not to run well on Linux, if not, not at all
    On a side note, have you thoughts about cloud computing solution as as Shadow.tech for gaming?

    About my machine, here's a quick list:

    - CPU: AMD Ryzen 3700X
    - CPU cooler: Noctua NH-U12A
    - Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 AORUS ELITE
    - RAM: 32 Go (2 x 16 Go), 3600 MHz
    - Storage: Corsair Force MP510 960 GB
    - Additional storage: Seagate BarraCuda 2 TB
    - GPU: NVIDIA RTX 2080 Ti
    - Case: NZXT H510i
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    Manjaro isn't Arch
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    @AleCx04 If by desktop config you mean physical desktop, its a mess lol. This is my DE tho:
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    @-pthread I knew there would be one lmao! It's arch-based. Don't be like that. As long as OP isn't posting in the arch forums, I don't see the issue.
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    The Linux decade is here! :)

    I just picked up a cheap desktop because it came with free Fedora installation and I didn't want the hassle of that potentially tricky OS install (https://bargainhardware.co.uk/hp-el...)

    But once I get comfortable with it i'm definitely going to do my own build and then sell the deskop on.
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    I do not know what you're planning to do with that 2080 ti but I assume not for gaming, right?

    But seriously congratz man, but I need to know why the fuck do you need the 2080 ti uhhhhhhh....
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    @OmarHandouk heh- nah, not a 2080ti. It’s an MSI rx570 :)
    And if I did have one— cryptomining
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    @OmarHandouk The 2080 Ti is 60% performances, 38% bragging rights, and 2% bad decision :D

    @LostEth0 I don't know much about cryotomining, but it might not be worth especially with the 5700XT or other GPU with a better price/perf ratio.
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    @AleCx04 Finally got the machine!
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    @Jilano fucking sweet man!
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    @AleCx04 Thank you! Haha
    I've been like a kid, tweaking and playing around :D
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    The angle of the image makes it look absolutely massive!
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