Why commenting is important?

If you are commenting a variable or method and you can't find the right way of explaining it, there's a problem with your code

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    One might argue that if your code needs comments to explain what a method does or the purpose of a variable then there is a problem with your code.

    Self documenting code and all that...
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    If your building say a website I'd say there is no need at all to explain your code in comments, they are self explanatory...

    In other languages working in a team .... Yes on specific complex sections if you built it yourself then no. You should know how your program works if you expect no one else to ever program in it you don't need to.

    Comments are mainly for other developers to help them understand exactly what your doing.
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    I believe code should be self commenting, comments should be for explaining the why and not the how, if there is a need.

    Also depends who will be reading your code. Might have designers or stakeholders who aren't so familiar with the language you use or even programming in general
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