"I wrote the code, I have to maintain the code, I wont need any comments"

*some months later*

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    Right if you wrote that and understand you code is a piece of shit.
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    Happened more times than I would like to admit !
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    I feel like this is part of the copy paste problem.... slap in code it works why bother figuring out why... need to stop doing that. It's best to know why the code is working.
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    Well, a lot of times I go "Wich idiot wrote this? Must be the guys we outsourced..." and than I check 'Blame' in GitHub ... and I shut up feeling ashamed. :)
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    And then you spend five hours looking at it and rewriting half of it because you found a better solution, been there 👌
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    Or you leave comments throughout the code and write documentation that walks you through how to use it.

    I just came back from vacation and then needed to run an app which I wrote and load the results into program.

    My thought: I can't remember how to do this... But THANK ME I wrote documentation even a junior dev could understand on how to do everything.
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    Comments take MY time, save yours. Not Darwinian, I guess... ? ;)
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    @WerewolfCustoms You don't even need to go to github if your IDE/editor is competent enough. Source: have been using several JetBrains IDEs.
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    @kamen I'm a Visual Studio kind of guy. Anything else is just not good enough so I just use a text editor :D I'm currently stuck on a big legacy PHP project where no IDE can help. :)
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    @WerewolfCustoms Didn't Visual Studio have something like this as well?
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    @kamen Probably, but I need this for PHP projects :)
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    Gawd so true
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