New Year's goal: find out if linux vulkan/mesa drivers work on my desktop as there's no real reason to not switch now other than maybe that.

Proton, DXVK and Gallium Nine support like 80% of games now (suck it, nvidia users, we get the good ones!) and i've seen performance improvements after switching from Windows builds on Windows to Windows builds on Proton using the same hardware.

Question is: how the hell do I carry over almost 2TB of shit to the new partitions? Also, Virtualbox is a bitch on Linux as if my kernel updates it's fucked and Boxes is trash...

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    1. Don't use VirtualBox, use KVM/QEMU instead. Much better performance and pretty much built into the kernel. Configuration is much more verbose though, but defo worth it.
    2. Buy more storage if you're running out.
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    @Tayo 2/4.5TB used, but how do I transport that to the new install? I don't have another HDD large enough and i'm not using fucking NTFS on Linux.

    also all my shit's VBOX format, and as far as I can tell QEMU *only* supports QCOW2. Also i'd rather not go through 10 hours of setup to start a VM every time (and yes, those GUI configurators help, but y'know, 10 to 8 hours is still too much...)
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    -Use the remaining 2.5TB for ext4 or whatever you want
    -Migrate the data from NTFS to the new partition
    -Delete NTFS partition
    -Resize the Linux partition

    As for the VMs, QEMU supports quite a bit more than just QCOW2. I myself use raw images. You could also use LVM or a dedicated drive. What I don't understand is why you'd need to set up a new VM every time you need to use one 🤔. Just keep the ones you made in the first place and you're fine right? Also, 8-10hrs is a huge overstatement lol, I've got a new one up and running in 15 mins, no CLI needed.
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    @Tayo I have quite a few and require save states as, y'know, malware testing, RE, creation, reimplementation... Pretty sure QEMU doesn't support them, and hardware needs change from sample to sample as well, so...

    you see why i'd rather use vbox over qemu as vbox has sliders and an actual GUI built into it and not third-party, limited as fuck and complex as fuck as I guess that's a requirement for business shit nowadays?
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    @Parzi uhh QEMU does support all that. If you combine it with virtmanager you've got VirtualBox but not shit.

    Edit: as a matter of fact, I've been able to do much more with QEMU than I could with Vbox. Vbox for example would refuse to even allow GPU passthrough.
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    Just use your backups
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    This is rather subjective:
    I would avoid vbox like the plague if I were you and move towards vmware.

    I've had to use vbox in school for 3 years. I regret not having used vmware instead.
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    Maybe this is too expensive an idea, but it's been brilliant for me, and yours is the exact use case: get a NAS. If you have to worry about where all your important files go when you reinstall, you're handling those files wrong.
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    Also yeah, don't use Oracle nonsense. Virtualbox is no way to live. KVM/qemu is FAR more flexible, has innumerable features vbox lacks(VNC console anyone?), and won't buffet on the winds of kernel versions. Any other VM software just feels clunky and half-assed after years of using KVM.
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    @Tayo Hmm. I'll have to fuck with it then.

    @electrineer True, I could... if I could find the drives in my house somewhere.

    @-ANGRY-STUDENT- Ever tried older OSes in VMWare? VMWare will hang for me (yes, newest, yes, it works in vbox and VPC) from merely using PKUNZIP, let alone allow for OSes like NT4 to even boot...

    @bahua Oh god, if I could afford a decent dedicated NAS i'd be getting better hardware, although I guess I could get a powered hub and a couple 4TB 5200s pretty cheap and use my spare Pi...
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    @Parzi im more then happy to help if you need help with setting up your system for full on performance mode.

    First tip. If you are not running mesa20 or you are running amdvlk or that proprietery crap then oh fuck no. Run mesa20 with RADV.

    No need for KVM/QEMU crap. Shit runs better without it if configured correctly.
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    @Haxk20 we were referring to QEMU as a Vbox alternative, not as a gaming platform lol, but i do appreciate it!
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