Donald Trump is influencing developers


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    Many 'devs' are silicon valley snowflakes
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    Many "devs" are t_d trolls.
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    Seems like big tech companies are constantly in the news wrt their relationship with government or politics. Ex. Microsoft's Azure contract with and Amazon going to court over it. Also, the constant dance that Facebook and Twitter do in claiming both objectivity and policing their private platforms at the same time. I'm surprised the number isn't higher.
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    What the fuck does elon musk influence, barely working cars and personal projects packaged as industry solutions?
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    @tekashi Only because he has been overhyped on social media, with all the shitty memes. Mean while people are too dumb to realize he is more of a business man these days than an engineer.

    But its pretty damn obvious all these answers are not seriously at all. "me/myself" "Donald Trump"
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    You really havn't noticed the ongoing trade war between US and China or what? Or do you really think this doesn't influence tech companies?
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    Me/myself XD
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    Me/Myself roughly 2%, so much for the statistic.
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