Drunken neighbor: Did i piss you?
I: No.
Drunken neighbor: I know i do, but i want a girl. This is my problem.
I: Go find her.
Drunken neighbor: I can't, i'm black.
I: It's not the reason.
Drunken neighbor: It is.
I: Reason si you are dirty, drunken pig.
Drunken neighbor: You are racist!
I: Och, sorry, i forgot. You are dirty, drunken, black pig. One more time you will wake us at 3am i'll call ku klux klan on you so my girlfriend can sleep at night. Now fuck off and let us sleep.

Happy new year.

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    Sounds like a pretty normal exchange nowadays 😕 (except that last bit)
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    I don't open doors at 3 am, even at new years eve
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    happy new 0x7e4 year!
    btw, where is dev part in this rant?
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    @bvs23bkv33 I dreamed about Cause.js
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    Jesus fucking christ
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    this is legit what popped into my head when i saw this

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    That escalated quickly
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    ... well... yeah, sadly, that's what feminism did. self-imposed racism and sexism caused by people being fed false narratives about how everyone's racist and sexist.

    i think, though, that people who "believed" this narrative (like your neighbor here) just found an easy excuse, and if they didn't have this one, they would have a different one, because they're just prone to, and comfortable in, feeling like helpless victims of everything except their own actions.
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