True rant:

A student close to my place ask me to help him install some Software.

Me: Sure this does not take long.

Over to his laptop I noticed this weird popup on screen.

he said: Oh. you just need to click that away. :)

I'm clicking it away and opens up his browser typing in the address bar the search term for the software.

The Laptop quickly copy and paste my search term into a sketchy search website with not correct results..

Then another popup came again on screen.

His response: Oh. you just need to click that away. :)

I'm already internally face palming. but continue my effort to get him his software.

tried different approach on the searching part en trying to click the install button for the software..

and again. my click is high jacketed and it downloads something completely different.

and guess what.. a popup showed up

His response: Oh. you just need to click that away. :)

Stop Molesting your laptop dude! Fix your Shit I'm out!

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    He probably needs help in that too if he asks for help to install some software
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    IFKR! Some people can just live like that. How do they even get anything done ffs...
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    @ninjapants All their daily actions slowly come to a halt due to this, after a while they get used to it and never get the idea to do something about it.

    "Oh yeah I deal with a billion inconveniences daily, but that's normal"
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    I look forward to these daily rants
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    Give him a Mint DVD and tell him it'll solve most of his problems.

    I say most because someone like that has problems only professional help can fix.
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    He needs to use either a macbook or pc with linux😂
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    @volttide well... I have a laptop that's running windows 10.
    I don't use any antivirus program on it and guess what?
    I don't have such issues since about 4 years.
    Just use your brain. Common sense isn't too much to ask I suppose, but nowadays more than half of the hooooman population is insane.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Since Windows 8 I only used Windows Defender, a machine can only be infected by virus if they download illegal stuff, so I got no problem until now
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    @volttide disagree on the illegal stuff
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    @volttide Well, you have a lot of Adware with programs that are Freeware and legit(ish)
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    @Root @volttide
    I'd wager most of those popups are from browser extensions, so I don't know how much Windows malware is to blame or how much a more secure OS would fix that
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    @RiderExMachina Fair. You cannot protect an idiot from themselves.
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    My parents used to say this a lot. I'm just glad it's not about me this time
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