All , a programmer does in his life

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    Stereotypes, stereotypes everywhere
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    Hell yeh, my girlfriend will never understand this.
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    Sadly this matches my life
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    Coding is like Cocain for me.. I really need to got to Rehab 😂😂
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    When you start developing, yep. Now I’m at the point “I don’t want to see one more line of code after work”
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    @NoToJavaScript well may be I have been doing it for a long time now. 4 or 5years I guess even more if you count highschool lol
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    20 years in and still a truth for me.
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    I need to get some exercise into my routine tbh... and maybe some time to clean up every day... otherwise everything just ends up randomly on/near my table (granted, I know exactly where stuff is... but it does not look nice)
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    @bytecode same here. Maybe this year?
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