Update on the noisy office situation.

I resigned today.

Not entirely sure what to do next but can't take another day at that place. :-)

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    Headphones ?
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    I got a passenger on boat finally.
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    I work from home fill time because of the open office concept adopted by my company. Luckily for me, my manager knew it was all bullshit and simply allowed me to WFH.
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    Sorry that you had to leave, that's a tough place to be in.

    I've had some issues in the workspace, also open concept, literally every office, we are on #4 now -- I like the concept for some reasons, but productivity is sometimes a hard thing to come by.

    I too have some adhd traits, I was given the diagnosis a awhile back, after I was in my 30's lol.

    I was on meds, but I got off of those and have been finding out that lists are a godsend.

    It's not everymorning that I do this, but I find the days that I can say that I did something was when I spent that ten sometimes 15mins after getting into the office and making my cup of coffee, and waffle if it's "waffle wednesdays", that I am most productive and find that I can keep to task.

    an aside:

    The "catch" with open concept offices is that they do need spaces that are away from it all allowing employees to virtually "check-out" so that deep work can be done. Hope that helps in your future job search
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    Plot twist, OP left home, since wife and children were too noisy and he was working from home all the time, just kidding btw, I didn’t the whole story ;)
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