So does devrant save all your rants?

Apparently I'm super narcissistic and enjoy reading my old rants and the responses to them. A lot. And I'm browsing through, clicking, reading all the old comments (you guys are really great, I love reading your comments) and I realize at the bottom of the list of my rants theres no pagination, no infinite scroll. It just ends at the bottom.

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    I can only assume what I'm seeing are all your rants and that no e are missing. Just ++ some that were at the very bottim.
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    Only the app will allow you to scroll down to the bottom of all of your rants.
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    Curses, foiled by that damnable devil box called android!


    cool! My greatest hope is that people reading them enjoy themselves.

    Edit: Some of them I couldn't post for some reason so I had to chop them up and post external links, and now those links are dead.

    You try and please people, but the universe stands athwart all attempts at railing against it.
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