Why AwS and not Gcp ?
I find that firebase+gcp is so powerful !
Aws is so complicated ...

Give me your opinions plz. Especially if u moved from one to another

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    In what way do you find AWS to be complicated?
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    @asgs compared to gcp - it *is* more complex.. Gotta admit.

    Still I somehow prefer aws
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    @netikras like how is it complex? Because there are more managed services?
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    @asgs syntax, way of thinking, amount of managed services,... Haven't used gcp myself. I took aws course and a coleague took gcp. When we shared our experiences gcp seemed considerably simpler
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    I definitely prefer AWS. It can be more complicated yes, but you can set up an entire eco system up around specific services, and not worry about them being suddenly shut down
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    Aws or azure... Gcp is a joke, and I'll not be surprised if it will join google cemetery
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    @dontbeevil not sure it ever will with it's quantity of k8s support...
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    I think GCP has a stigma of google being behind it most of all. Also AWS has Cognito which covers most of firebase uses, but yeah, for some things you might need to wire other services to it, but I still like freedom to do it. :)
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    @netikras I'm not a heavy GCP user either (except for a few POCs I did). But CloudFormation syntax looks as dev-friendly as possible. Also, I tend to ignore as many managed services as possible, so as to minimize the lockin. So, no problems with that either

    The only concern I have with AWS is its pricing
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