Finally stopped using only one password for everything.

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    I use 3 for everything :p
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    I use a different password for every service. My passwords usually consist of 128 characters of extended ASCII, although many websites don't support it. Unfortunately, almost all important services, such as banks and in general financial applications, don't support passwords longer than 24 and lack support of any special characters (my bank doesn't even allow 14 characters).
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    I pay for LastPass. If I need a password, which I want to remember/use without LastPass, I have four basic password types. The actual one will be parts of one or more of these types, with a small variations thrown in. That way I'll always have the important ones handy.
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    I'm reminded some places let you select a password of length X, but then won't let you login with it because its too long..
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    @Nanos That is why I have settled for 20 chars instead. Too many shitty services!
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    Some will let you type in character X to set your password, but not let you type in character X to login..

    Those are also fun. :-)
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    Use a few by mixing other combinations that you know.

    Then you mix and match them by changing the order based on the importance of the service.
    Then all you need to know to guess which password you used is to consider the importance of that service to you.
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    Same here. Stopped using something insecure and switched to a 16 character long random mess of characters for every site
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    I have a few I use, and when one's found in a dump, I get an email. I then make a new one for all accounts using it. I have 2FA on all my email accounts to ensure they're not a weak link, as well, so if I decide to abandon an account, I can.

    (i never make them something common or about me, who's gonna go "yes, Parzival Wolfram... his password is gonna be the size of COMMAND.COM from MS-DOS 4.0!" Easy to remember, who the fuck is gonna guess it?)
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