"Why are you sometimes late?"

Because your promised office was always late. Had to commute 2 hours and work for almost 10 hours in weekdays just to sleep for 4 hours.

You said that the new Office will be in August. Now it's October and it's still half-baked.

Learn Empathy first

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    And sometimes, the bus driver is not punctual and always seem to take all the seats before leaving. Sorry but my health comes first. Both Mental and Physical Health.
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    That sucks! Can you use that opportunity to work remotely ? It's awesome to see people putting themselves above company.
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    @devphobe Working remotely requires years of experience.

    No bloody hell would employers hire "talent" at their younger years of experience.

    They want to hire battle-tested, fully experienced general that could be killed one day.
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    @Clueless what makes you think you aren't battle tested already? I've worked with many junior devs in fully remote positions. If you argue your case that you'll be a better employee from home, especially given the current circumstances around their office planning it might just work?
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    @devphobe Well. for my province at least, requires years of experience, be it Junior or Senior Level. Hope there could be a semi-remote work.
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