Me: Enables USB debugging, plugs in phone
ADB: Doesnt see phone
Windows: Doesnt have drivers
Me: Downloads drivers
Windows: Nah
Me: Tells windows to use drivers
Windows: Naah
Me: Tells windows where drivers are
Windows: Naaah no drivers there

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    Plugs phone into phone with usb debugging enabled and pc running linux.
    Pc: here it is.
    Me: connects to phone and works fine.
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    Out of the box btw. Just install adb packages
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    @Haxk20 Ill do that once I finally manage to install grub
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    i have this issue but it's thanks to my phone being garbage, it even causes Linux to kernel panic sometimes on connection
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    This sounds like Windows 7, renowned for not detecting ADB drivers.
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    Are you sure the cable supports data transfer?

    Some cables are beyond fucked up. Cost me once quite a while to figure out
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    @IntrusionCM File transfer works. Windows detects 3 usb devices, one is the file management, 2 are unsupported (adb + idk what the third one is).
    Btw it isnt the original cable, that one didnt support data transfer at all.
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    Adb doesn't work -> windows fault
    Linux kernel panic -> phone fault
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    @dontbeevil Well it literally told me that the dir with all my drivers had no drivers in it. Sounds like a windows problem...
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    @WIPocket Did u try the Universal ADB drivers from CWM or the one from Google?


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    @IntrusionCM Didnt try CWM, but google didnt work and Samsungs official drivers didnt work
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    I have witnessed this.

    One of many "last straws" before i went full time nix.
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    1. bad cable
    2. check your unknown devices, and force a driver install from there, using a generic adb. phone must be set correctly with adb on, and selected in the usb connected popup.

    and yes - adb on win is fucked up.
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    Only works under Windows XP..
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    @magicMirror Changed cable (original was bad)
    File transfer works
    Cant force windows to use ANY drivers on 2 unknown devices

    One more day of this and Ill just forward it to a Linux VM
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    I gave up Android development on Windows a long time ago. ADB on Windows is such a mess, while it works perfectly fine on Linux.
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    @GXGOW works perfectly fine for me on windows. Only difference is drivers vs kernel modules. I'll stick with windows. Now to get iOS development on windows thats the trick.
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