If you look at the "lightweight business laptops" or business netbooks section of the market you'll notice almost all of them seem to have 4gb

Bitch, thats barely enough to run windows 10.

Looks like a market opening. If I were still doing upgrades and repairs I'd blame everything on low memory (well, a lot of slowness can loosely be attributed to lack of memory) and upsell new machines with more and better ram. Target 6gb, which is cheaper than 8 and offers a minor but noticeable boost, just enough to passably justify the increased cost to whoever is responsible for authorizing the upgrade.

I don't understand whats so hard to grasp about this. It's like companies trip over dollars to pick up dimes.

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    Windows 10 shouldn't be ran on less then 8GB.

    Anything less and it's absolutely useless, unless you get W10 S or Lite or what ever it is.
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    @C0D4 Windows 10 LTSC for Long Term Servicing Channel (previously Long Term Servicing Branch).

    Truly the most usable version of that OS.
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    @Jilano LTSB didnt have any updates and LTSC has forced updates just like normal win 10...

    LTSB was a bit better because of the lack of updates but LTSC apparently only installs stable updates.
    And it has a calc from win7! Not that wpf crap!

    I love win10 LTSC, much less crap in comparison to win10 pro
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    Had updated in both, but you can use related GPO to configure them properly.
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