Yesterday I was cleaning my computer and accidentally wiped out all my dev folder (I got confused with another folder named "dev" that I had just downloaded) and I lost all my work.

Fortunately, most of everything (or the most important at least) was on GIT. I only lost my yesterday's work which was not pushed (only locally committed).

Kids, remember pushing before leaving the building

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    Also: have a backup strategy, make them regularly and make sure they are restorable.
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    Git commute
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    step three should be: git out
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    i aliased git commit -a -m && git push and use it everyday
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    git marshmallows
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    @gronostaj I generally agree, but it was the same day's work. It'd be hard to do backup every few hours. I just accidentally wiped out everything. considering most of it was on GIT, it did not seem reasonable to use one of those recoverations tools; I just went and programmed everything again in two hours hehe
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    In case of "fireabend" as well, if you pardon my german
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    Luckily you didn't wipe out /dev/
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    Undelete ?

    Related link:

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    isn't there a "git fire" command that does this?
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    @alexbrooklyn been there, done that (?)
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    @elvieeejo I've once typed `sudo rm /var` instead of `sudo rm var`.

    What I learned:

    1. My weekly whole disk backups are totally worth it.

    2. It may be a good idea to run Docker containers with the same user ID as host's.
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