Just trying to change a folder's name on the SD card on my phone... Whoops

I once got it to say "0 out of 100TB" or so. Jesus

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    Umm, i think you owe this card a huge amount of storage
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    @Awlex I'd like to know where all those bytes went so I could return them.
    I don't really need the extra space, SD card (it's about 1930GB - holy crap that's almost double what my laptop has HaHa), but thanks for the concern
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    Is that a negative sign! How? And who programmed explorer to even comprehend negative storage space?
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    Why, why... Signed variables for disk size???? Why.....
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    Yeah. You got scamned. That's a fake chinese SD card
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    Bahaha. Buggy windows. This is what happens when you create and unsigned int and then make it too large.
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    @SaberShip @IainVM who the hell knows

    @HoloDreamer your comment made laugh. Well done good sir/ma'am
    Last time the same card was a 100TB or so Russian/Ukrainian/(IDK for sure, it had a Cyrillic character) SD card. Multilingual SD card!

    @dev0urer well damn it. Windows get your crap together will you
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    @DotM hmm not sure you got my point. Whether chinese or Ukrainian, its fake. They have modified it to show fake storage size. That's why this bug is happening.
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