I dont see any advantage of TDD. I use integration tests and unit tests for very complicates modules.

Change my mind.

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    Don't care to.
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    I don't see the gain [to me] in wasting my time to change your mind.

    Change my mind
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    The research that has been done into this has empirically proved TDD leads to fewer defects.
    In my opinion it also makes you think more about how to structure your code and interfaces.
    Read Kent Beck's TDD, that may change your mind.
    Or Ian Cooper's YouTube talk is also very good
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    I know this "change my mind" meme is popular, but come on. This is in no way controversial or more than a Google search away.

    Automated and early testing is a done topic. It has been since the sixties. A quote from the 1968 NATO software engineering conference: "A software system can best be designed if the testing is interlaced with the designing instead of being used after the design". They knew from experience, it was not a new idea.

    Don't write software like the last 50 years never happened. Please.
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