The company now is making us work again on Saturday.

They want to 2 guys (me and the mobile developer) to entire systems for them in a 1-month time span.

I need another job asap.

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    Another job? Working on weekends is not enough alreday? :)
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    @theKarlisK oh you sly bastard, take your increment and go
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    > They want to 2 guys (me and the mobile developer) to entire systems for them in a 1-month time span.

    There a verb missing in that sentence.
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    Ah, idiot managers who believe software development is like working at an assembly line. "We need more output, speed it up!"

    I hope you find a better job. And tbh I hope those managers do, too, they have no business managing devs.
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    Managers apparently are the kind of people who believe that 9 women can give birth to one baby in 1 month
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    @Ranchu "Well... Can they?! I don't do magic, so who knows what they're capable of!"
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    @Jilano I guess we can use our imagination there
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    @SomeNone most likely "fuck up". But I doubt it was the intended verb initially...
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    Sorry everyone for misspelling errors.

    I wrote that rant very angry.

    I'll give a overview quickly, we usually work on Saturday and made us work 12 hours, after that and lot fights and threaten of me and another developer leave the company they offered to us half Saturday working remotely. And now they removed again with a excuse of there's a lot to do and pending.
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    @messhias I hope you get compensated properly for working on weekends.
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    @theKarlisK they don't pay any penny for overtime.

    I never will be compesed for that.
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    @messhias I'd be very angry, too, if I had to work on a Saturday. *A* Saturday! It can never ever become a regular occurence.

    Sounds like your managers royally fucked up their planning and are now "fixing" it at your expense. But "a lack of planning on your part doesn’t constitute an emergency on mine" - can't you push back again? Aren't there laws against this in your country? Something helpful in your contract?

    I hope things get better for you.
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    The country allows the employers push you to work until 12 hours per day and as per regular law they can just give you a Friday weekly rest.

    I'm just trying to stand for some more months to save more money and go back to my home country.
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