Quantum computing will break BTC private keys soon?

Maybe 2022?

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    Just ask @wisecrack, he'll do it by next week :)
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    @netikras Was literally about to refer to him.

    Fucking genius
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    You'd need 256 QBits to do that, which is an enourmous task. Adding an extra QBit takes the most advanced researchers months, and the more QBits you have the longer it takes to add new ones. If they get close to 256 you can just go up to 512 bits for cryptography and they cant break it anymore. They'll propably need to fork bitcoin so it can have a bigger keysize tho.
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    @Ranchu He didnt prove it yet so i would wait to call him a genius.
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    @Gregozor2121 well I'm definitely looking forward to when he does
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    The first quantum computing machine to be able to crack AES256 will be in the hands of Google, IBM, Intel, DWave, IonQ, etc - companies with public investors, which have spent millions/billions on R&D.

    As such, it's unlikely to be used to empty your bitcoin wallet, although the NSA might gag-order one of these companies to decrypt your traffic if they suspect you traded uranium on a TOR black market.
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    @bittersweet yeah but they don't have to crack wallets. The possibility that it can be done will devalue the currency in an instant. And the supercomputer from today will be your average joes computer. Maybe not physically but *insert cloud nonsense here*
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    @bittersweet You can not crack 256-bit AES with quantum computers. The best possible known attack will reduce security of it to something comparable to 128 bit symmetric cipher.

    Attacking a 128-bit (symmetric!) cipher is not feasable.

    Asymmetric cryptosystems based on modular inverse, modular logarithm or normal elliptic curves (like bitcoin private keys) can be attacked efficiently when |qbits|=|keybits|.
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    @sbiewald So turn the elliptical curve into an egg to make it asymmetrical 🤷 265-bit eggcrypted currency.
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