When did the meaning of
"Statically linked", under Linux, change from

This binary includes all libraries it depends on and will run on any device that runs a sufficiently compatible hardware and kernel.


This binary will only run on these 3 Ubuntu versions, because it still depends on a fuckton of shared-objects of " default" libraries and this shit-distro is the only one, that comes pre-bloated with all of them.

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    Never ?
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    It might mean that someone doesn't understand what static linking means.
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    really, if i linked during compilation, and i explicitly told linker to link then i should never experience any problems in future
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    IMO, linker DID statically link your program, but the libraries you choose to link had some dynamic dependencies, which were automatically provided by those distributions.

    Ps, this may not be the case, just what I had experienced before
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    "Pre-bloated". I like this, I'm stealing it.
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