So if a fresher joins your company, how do you onboard him/her? If you use a technology x in a very advance manner, would you just provide the videos/articles on basics of x, and want the fresher to complete them in a day and start working on product the next day?

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    That's easy: don't hire freshers who lack even basic skills at X.
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    In a day? I normally give them a week considering they only need to get familiar with our particular setup not X as a technology. Provide documentation and tell them to ask questions if they need to. After a week or so give them a small task and see how they are doing.
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    A day? Are you trying to scare the poor guy away? 'cuz that's how you scare the poor guy away!

    Also, the fact that you *need* the guy to be operational after 1 day is a very, VERY bad sign raising all kinds of red flags about the way you do things
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    Get then to start building somthing first day. Something not that hard but let them figure out out as they go.
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    @netikras EXACTLY. i gave interview in a "fast paced" startup.

    The interview was weird but okay :
    they asked me what things i know in Android , i said "a,b,c"

    Them : "okay here are the details of a simple app you have to make using p,q,r in 8 hrs " .

    I : " but i don't know about p,q,r"

    Them : "we know, but we want to check how easily can you adapt to other frameworks".

    It was weird for me , i had given months to learn "a,b,c". But i still went with it and to my surprise, i was able to built a small app using different frameworks too.

    Now they've mailed me another list of different frameworks & language videos that i have to learn on my own before joining as an intern , which are difficult for me ,& i had thought to do them in months time, or while my time as an intern.

    This "fast paced" company wastes no time sample projects and tasks, but apparently i will be doing everything on their production app, so i had to be well versed with their frameworks nd tech on my own time.
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    @PappyHans i suppose this is a possibility but i am not liking it. I have been given videos on a language that's i have never used , and i am supposed to become a master of it in a week (and that too in my home, not in the office, i.e not on the company time or payroll)
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    I mean, if this is going to be an environment always, learning things fastly , on my own and against my will, then that's too weird for me. I had rather become a teacher or some low wage it support , at least i will have a peace of mind, no?
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    @StopWastingTime I'd close the door and never come back. Bad for your health, bad for your psyche
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    We hired an intern a few months ago, he had like minimal skills in another language and that was it. We asked him to read through {language we use} getting started guide and documentation in a week and then gave him pretty basic tasks like marked lines where exceptions can happen and he had to do error handling, stuff like that.
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    @yellow-dog did your intern has to read the language in his own time or did he came at office and sat the whole day, reading and writing and learning at company's payroll time?
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    @StopWastingTime he was unpaid for the first 3 months (3 month test periods are usual here), he could use the office and get office meals tho
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    @yellow-dog weird. He would rather travel miles away from his home, on his own cost to just hang around your code and you and free food?

    Did he had to follow usual office timings, or he can hang around whenever he wanted?
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    @StopWastingTime i dont know how much miles is, traveling to work takes 10m here. Also we were basically giving him a free bootcamp training so
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    @yellow-dog well sounds quite fair. If i were him, i would have agreed to go under this boot-camp training if it doesn't have to be 6 days a week and 9+ hours each day
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