weird thought I have rn...

there are people here and on other social media actually seeing what I write?
people on my other public social media accounts enjoying what I do? what I write? enjoying the music I make sometimes? think my jokes I publish are actually funny?

the internet is wild, man.

also, it's 3:24 am, I can't sleep but I'd find easily people to talk to because time zones are a thing. is time a social construct? it is I think.

what am I even talking about?

idk all I know is that someone is looking at this and I wanna thank you for reading it I guess.

gonna go back to post more dev related stuff soon and also prob gonna change my username because no one can spell it right as I found out lately. no wonder because it came up while smashing my keyboard and making an username out of it. gl @ myself

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    Seems like Lee Smolin was on the same wavelength recently

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    I'd say time is a social construct based on how it dictates every day lives. Otherwise, I'd think that it is more generally human than social.
    We needed some way of referring to the different ways the Earth moves, since it produces visible changes for us.
    Since science can't (yet) pinpoint exactly what time is, it is still at the stage of being this abstract concept that flows exactly how we know it on this planet. This, but also all the other constructs that are man-made like money, politics, human rights etc.

    However, I hope you managed to sleep eventually! This is one way to start my/your day with some existential crises :D
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    Time is just a picture frame , the perception of a change.

    To the author, yes we read your stuff..when our benevolent overlord, the algorithm, shows it to us.

    Why change your name? Imagine all the opportunities to be obnoxious and correct people!
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