"Imposter Syndrome" - We are living in the 21st century! Here in Germany there are 124.000 free jobs. And even if you are the last creep out of the basement, you are still better than nothing! :D

With these motivating words I release you into the day!

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    Imposter syndrome vs inferiority complex
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    Most of the time the problem is the company...

    Abe's Odyssee aka most companies seek someone perfect - Just to Put him through the grinder aka 'we've fucked up everything till now, fix it instantly.'

    And apprenticship has become modern slavery - keep them dumb, unpayed and in chains.

    Meeeh. Hate this.
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    I can't be too sweeping about it. But many trainees have utopian demands because they can write HTML. So I can understand why the boss doesn't want to pay for a Porsche. Of course there is stress at work, but none of the Bois wants to sit at the cash register or go out to collect garbage. They prefer to play a little bit with PHP and demand gold bars for it...
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    Guess it depends.

    In my experience, the Berufsschule (guess specific to Germany) mostly teaches labour / employment law as last... Which is pretty convenient, as many apprentices have no knowledge at all.

    A too high loan is rather uncommon in my experience... Most didn't even know that they couldn't be fired except for very severe reasons...

    And so on... Yes there were some who had very unrealistic expectations, but most common was the 'I have no fscking clue so I do what I'm told' type.
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    Dankeschön, !made_my_day
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    My self steem is like a PWM signal, alternating between super low and super high I get a somewhat mild self steem.
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    Some people are not better than nothing.
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