Does anyone have any tips on how to test a software developer for problem-solving skills and learning capabilities?
I don't really care if the developer knows frameworks and languages XYZ. I want to know if he/she can learn those things, knows how to find answers to problems and actually tries to do a good job. Those seem the most valuable skills to me.
Any suggestions?

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    Give them a business case to build and deploy, instead of the usual nonsense.

    You could restrict the languages or frameworks/libraries if you wanted or let them decide depending on the job.
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    For problem solving, maybe smth like "bridge and torch problem".
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    give them some take home assignment, ideally a brutally simplified toy version of your application to build from scratch. Unfortunately this is probably a bit too efficient at weeding out people, but I'd say the ones that get through are motivated, can solve problems independently and use google/stackoverflow well enough.
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    @WildOrangutan That's puzzle solving, not problem solving. As applicant, that would be a huge red flag for me because it shows that the company has no idea what to even look for.
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