According to a report from VentureBeat: Verizon Media has launched a "privacy-focused" search engine called OneSearch and promises that there will be no cookie tracking, no ad personalization, no profiling, no data-storing and no data-sharing with advertisers.

By default, Advanced Privacy Mode is activated. You can manually toggle this mode to the "off" but you won't have access to privacy features such as search-term encryption. In the OneSearch privacy policy, Verizon says it it will store a user's IP address, search query and user agent on different servers so that it can not draw correlations between a user's specific location and the query that they have made. "Verizon said that it will monetize its new search engine through advertising but the advertising won't be based on browsing history or data that personally identifies the individual, it will only serve contextual advertisements based on each individual search," reports VentureBeat.


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    You had me at Verizon. That powerd by Bing at the bottom of the page tho
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    The jumping search bar when you scroll down. I don't know... How bad must one be to deliver such low quality in 2020?!
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    Verizon... creating a "privacy focused search engine"

    Aw that is just so cute. This is coming from a company that injects tracking IDs into customer's web requests.

    So we can trust one of the world's largest telecoms now?

    I would never use that service. DuckDuckGo and Tor work just fine for me.
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    "We care about privacy."
    Saves everything and uses the collected data. 100% privacy-oriented.
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    yeah i will never trust anything from verizon
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    I'll trust this almost as much as I trust Ajit Pai. Verizon can't code their way out of a paper bag.
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