I really don't like showing off developers. Like the guy just changes color or invokes a function. Then instagram #superdeveloper #coding #ai. Dude wtf.

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    Pro tip: If you can't stand worthless subhumans showing off, stop using instagram ;)
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    @sboesch The truth has been spoken !

    I've never used Instagram, but this is what everyone is saying about it..
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    I don't want to show off, but today I made a custom button that dances when you click on it.

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    @PublicByte GitHub with issue tracker would probably qualify. After all the discussions there about additions or perceived undesired behavior are just as heated as Twitter rants.
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    @sboesch it's not that simple. If you say block or unfollow I agree. I have close friends and family on instagram that I want to keep in touch.
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    Instagram is just waste of time!!
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    Unfortunately the market is filled with such buffoons. You don't have to look far, just open Linkedin, that's a gloating haven which I prefer to stay away from.

    The ugly irony is that these self-praised 'experts' / 'developers' can't code or think properly. Their bro factor outweighs their skill factor. I know because I know people like that. One in particular had childhood issues of lack of appraisal and feels the need to boast about accomplishing that which is utterly trivial.

    I concur to stay away from social media, except for perhaps Devrant. I say this because the vast majority of people I dealt with who had a Facebook account and an inflated self-image are those that put great importance on the weight of social media in their lives. In the end, they don't have an interesting personality.

    If anything, staying away from social media saves valuable time.
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    for a moment I thought you...
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    You don't like developers, who show off.

    I thought you were a manager showing off your developers.
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    @chagai95 this is also what I thought.
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