I hate Intellij Idea but it's best option available to develop in Scala. Improvements in VSCode/Metals is my last hope.

The (few) things I NEED from Intellij:
* Very good autocompletion
* Refactoring tools (renaming, auto imports)
* Search tools (find usages, sub/super-types)

The (many) things I hate of Intellij:

* Layout with panel sizes doesn't behave properly and it scales instead of remaining fixed.

* Tedious 2-hands shortcuts makes the right hand to move a lot from the mouse

* Delays and lag in the UI, freezes on garbage collection

* High memory consumption, high CPU usage and generally slow and cumbersome

* The delay in the UI between commands is so that it's accidentally possible to introduce typos

* Can't move tabs around and organize them as I like

* Ugly font rendering and missing typography settings

* Multi-caret implementation as a different editing mode is annoying because requires frequent switching

* Unnatural code folding regions, why method arguments are not folded with the method?

* Unhelpful support forum, sometimes dismissive answers

* Highlighting of current word under the caret doesn't work

* Very slow editor, can't keep spacebar pressed to move text or it hangs!

* Several settings reset at every update. Like the auto fetch of git

* New features are added and enabled by default which is very invasive

* Some of the features mentioned above are really annoying and it's not possible/not trivial to disable them

* It uses its own compile and several times it highlights false positives

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    *laughs in Vi*

    Seriously though, I agree with most of this. Some of it is correctable with work, but work is, well, work.
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    @SortOfTested Is dismissive customer support just work? Is the decision to enforce a new feature work? They could improve many thing very easily.
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    ๐Ÿงท for IDE wars
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    This is true. However, the total lack of competition and peak capitalism means they won't. :)
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    Yeah i tried idea for scala too, it was okay but damn that piece of shit is slow. Vscode has an okay plugin but i mostly just use vim.
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    @yellow-dog Vim with metals?
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    I've been using it with the Rust plugin and aside from not being able to debug, I like it a lot!
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