I'm digging the new GH notifications UI (beta):

It might not (yet) be available to you.

What's nice is that notifications can now be shown regardless of (un)read state (but you can still only show unread notifs). This means that you can read all notifications and not lose track of everything that you have read. Just mark notifications as 'done' when you're done, but until them just leave them in the list and/or save them for later. The UI is also responsive to the browser window, which is much better than before, because a lot of context and content now is shown! And it is possible to handle issues and PRs from the notification screen itself, which basically adds some additional UI elements to the regular issue/PR screens.

And earlier this week the GH Android app went into beta too: https://play.google.com/apps/...

It's a good week to be a GH user!

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