Can any one recommend a good Go framework for APIs with a MongoDB ORM?

Was using Laravel 6/Lumen but it’s API ability is starting to piss me off with its CSRF crap, JWT/Passport implementation and a it’s lack of MongoDB support.

I don’t need any templating engines at all, its all handled by a SPA and Mobile Apps

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    Ideomatic Go is not to use any frameworks. Go provides everything you need for writing web applications in it’s builtin libraries already. For any additional functionality just import new libraries. Just for the record, it takes 3 lines of code to add new api endpoint in Go.
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    If you can, don't use MongoDB.
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    MongoDB ORM? on mongo?
    1. mongo has something called tags, that lets you map data points to object inside the db engine.
    2. ORM and mongo. You are doing something wrong there...
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    @magicMirror I think I meant ODM, i wrote this at 7am on zero caffeine 😆
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