Second day I lack sleep, girls consuming my evenings with their bla bla, debugging dosbox games and why some won't work, having to perform at work, breaking my body at gym, cooking complex meals..

I feel physically ill of stress..

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    So you’re healthy, in good shape, have social interactions and interest by the opposite sex, a paying job and time for a hobby.

    Seems horrible :p
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    How's your vitamin intake?

    Here in Finland, it's quite dark in the winter time, averages only a couple of hours if sunlight a day, and often cloudy.
    Around this time, I usually feel healthy, yet physically aching and mentally disgruntled. Regularly taking Vitamin D and Zinc usually helps.
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    @HelsinkiCodes My vitamin intake has been lacking these weeks. I shall make habit of it to maintain my health. Thank you.
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    @CaptainRant Lol. I deleted my comment. You still saw it. Oh well.
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    @jareish stress and sleep deprivation can make all of those things meaningless and dreadful, they eat away at you until there's nothing left.
    If the price for having a good time is self-destruction, you need to rethink your balance in life.
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    @endor It's just a temporary issue and in the meantime I've slept.
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