Game development is a nightmare when your first starting out because you tend to neglect on keeping a small book on event notes.

Such as which event triggers what, and what events to turn off when the player starts the game.

You tend to get events that either don't start when player is far into game because you forgot to turn the event trigger on for something much for earlier in the game.

Live and Learn

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    Ive been meaning to try out godot. How is it for an begginer?
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    @24th-Dragon it's more welcome then I thought it'd be. You don't need to know everything when you first start and there's a lot of plugins that you can use to cover almost anything.
    It relies on c++ or godots on version of c++. The best part to me honestly is when you publish your work there is no need to credit them. Once you make it it's yours. And in all honesty it's more welcoming then unity.
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    Sounds like a task that ought to be automated using an event dependency module.
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