So I decided to buy a new graphic card to fully enjoy my PC games. Once I set it up it sounded like the fans were working too hard,so I decided to open the computer case and clean inside.

And now it doesn't boot anymore. Nothing at all on the screens.

I don't know what I did, only the fans are turning when I press the power button. Even the led on the front of the case is not blinking anymore.
I have enjoyed my new graphic card during one hour all in all. Frustration is high.

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    Remove components one by one yo find which one broke.

    I've had the same behavior with broken cpu in the past when my friend's pc fell off my sofa.
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    Yeah I disconnected all the sata disks and the graphic card (using the motherboard's dvi output to test the display), still the same :-/
    The vaccum cleaner hypothesis is possible but I live in a nordic country, not sure if it applies as dry...
    @TheKarlisk Not sure I understand your 2nd hypothesis : I did use the new graphic card during an hour. The cpu was at 70° which is warm indeed, but if that was the issue then wouldn't the computer have crashed at that moment rather than not boot? For your last suggestion wouldn't I see a console error on the screen still?
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    Put the dust back in :D
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    do a cmos reset. and power it up without the graphics card. post your result

    out of curiosity, which card did you get?
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    @WildOrangutan Genius! I went to the local playground and dug my computer into the sand. Well it still doesn't boot but now there's a crackling sound when the fans rotate and the smell makes me feel like I'm on holidays in Marrakech
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    @JhonDoe Yep, did that already, still zero display. The graphic card is a GeForce GTX 1650 Super. Nothing too fancy but much better benchmarks than my old one
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    The only thing happening apart from the fans rotating is the disk usage led switching on for a fraction of a second, then nothing lights up anymore
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    remove every sticks of ram except one.
    if it boots, put other sticks in.

    it worked on many computers for me in simmilar situations.
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