I am a graduate student having a hard time finding an internship. I wasn't ready while the big companies were hiring for interns. 200 leetcode questions later I am confident I can crack an interview and now nobody wants to hire.

Most of the reject letters are pretty messed up stating that they have "found more talented individual" or "found a better candidate".

Applied to almost 200 companies, not one reply. :( Hope this doesn't happen during full-time job search.

I was rotting in my room practicing for the interviews and applying for the last two months during this winter break. Hope I don't sit idle during my summer break. :(

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    @HelsinkiCodes Yes, I have a portfolio with a list of small (not so impressive) projects I did during my free time. I just got done with a project for tech.la internship interview. I used springboot for backend and jQuery for frontend. Though they wanted me to do it simple and not spend more than 2 hours. I put some extra efforts and hosted on a website just to let them know that this opportunity means a lot to me.
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    @TheCommoner282 Sounds like a good plan. I'll definitely try this.
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    If you have practiced hard enough, try to find referrals in companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google etc and appear for them?

    They hire everyone they find good enough to work for them. For junior profiles they'd only reject you for valid reasons, and finding a more suited candidate isn't one of them.
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