I'm currently working at a company that builds escape-room alike games (sadly that's how I can best describe it). My boss lives by the "I like this therefore this is how it should be!"-mentality, and this has led to none of the rooms having anything in common with any of the other game. I need help finding a way to inform him that we need to unify the look and feel of our games to create a overall feel and a "brand".

Do any of you have any good way of showing that this is a good idea and a way to prove that it's needed, straight out telling him this has not worked.

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    Have you figuratively planned how to give your boss the D?
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    @hatemyjob planned it, made a scrum board for it, working on the PowerPoint atm
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    Different "designs" (stories, whatever) could lead to more games, more games could lead to greater profit?
    Create a game with unified experience. Other with different story and experience. Sum their potential as scattered in one game as well as single-story, multi-level/multi-room games.
    (On paper, not that you should make complete games)
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    You can try working up prototypes and presenting it to him, explaining the concepts and benefits. If he's the type that has to put his stamp on everything and doesn't listen to ideas and you actually have nothing you can learn from him, find a different gig.
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    Good ideas problem would be that even if the games where connected and the story's aso he would still say that the rooms need more things on the walls and need more (what I would call) clutter
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    Sadly people like him will only realize this when the company goes under. Best way to maybe try convince him, is to show him the numbers and examples of people who have done it and achieved the end goal.
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    @Drmzindec do you know where those numbers can be found?
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