My boss just revised my report and sent it back with new file names. Memes have officially infiltrated the workplace.

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    No TeX fans here? Me neither
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    btw. Google Docs is also a pretty good Word processor if you don't need to make something big
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    Have you seen libreoffice or OpenOffice's UIs? And have you seen word's? That's what the user sees! They don't give a fuck wether the spec file of the file format they use is 1000 or 100 pages long! They just want it running, possibly with a pretty UI and preferably on a stable back end!
    And yes I prefer paying for office 365 every year than using those free word processors because the final result actually looks like what it was on the screen before printing and it is nicely spaced, without odd thingslike this.
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    @Jop- I don't even remember it did and, correct me if I'm wrong, it asks wether if you want to save as docx odt files when they're opened or was it just on older versions?
    When I'm using word I go in "dumb user" mode, it just needs to work I don't​ care how
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    @Jop- then I didn't pay attention and just chose docx😅
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    Word 16 does 😂
    I reinstalled office just for that
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