Another day, another tragedy...
1,5 half year later 2 devs were able to deliver :
- custom authentication. Basically they did a very simple client credentials grant.
- a custom wrapper to manage windows services
- a custom job scheduling system
- a custom logging library to log everything to windows event viewer!!!!!!
- all csv reports are created using string interpolation WriteLine("'{varA}','{varB}'") like this...

There are a lot of defects in those functionalities and they delivered almost 0 business features.

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    $200'000 down the drain?
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    @heyheni less, but yes we are speaking here about US devs so such shitshows are not cheap.
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    Did that happen without other people knowing what the devs were (not) doing? Were there quality measurements to make sure that progress was being made?
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    1,5 years? Damn that a long time. I got 6 weeks of deadline for the same thing with an enormous amount of information with special cases. Add 2 weeks later for a proper permission and access system. Shit was painful but doable.

    Did they lack proper planning and documentation for each other?
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    Sounds like a lack of good project management/jira
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    This is what you get for not checking their skillz.
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