The senior dev in my team wants me to convert all the lambda expressions I have written to anonymous inner classes. He says it will increase the code readability.

It's like the dev has something against the new features of Java8

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    Lambda expressions (and type inference for them) are possibly the very best thing that has ever happened to Java code
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    It depends on how big those lambdas are. Having lots of veeeery long lambdas does decrease readability significantly. But a normal usage of lambdas shouldn't be a problem (☞^o^) ☞
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    @groxx and it is funny how Java practically made them popular back then for not having them!
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    @don-rager In most of the places it is used for implementing a simple comparator(Just one freaking line), and in one place it is 4 lines!!
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    I don’t know how lambdas work in java but are these expressions bound to functions which are named?
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    @TheUchihaGirl I say fuck that guy. You can tell him some nerd on the Internet considers him a dumbass. That'll work I suppose
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    I don't like Lambda's when they are more than one or two lines max, makes it hard to follow, especially if there are lots of nested lambdas.

    Once saw a C# code it was one huge block of lambda, took me ages to read it all ...
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    Most developers I know are against lambda expressions because they hurt readability. Only this one really skilled but really weird and asocial programmer I knew used lambda expressions.

    As well, being a professional developer is a social setting and like we learned in school: the social aspect has more priority. That, or you would have to convince him to learn about lambdas, which is also a professional skill: convincing someone.
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    Did he also ask you to add comments?
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    I think Lambda-Expressions are OK when they are short enough. Long Lambdas should be avoided
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