Friday so not much happened except after switching mysql connector it turned out mysql-connector-python can’t handle blobs properly.

Funny that answer on SO is not to use it.


It’s not obvious cause all you get is error when selecting from table that have blob.

Also I bought two books full of slavic bestiary drawings and descriptions of monsters.
Those drawings are pretty cool. I plan to try to make low polygon model from one of the drawings using blender 2.8

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    I really abhor automagic things like that. As far as I'm concerned everything should just be binary strings as standard. Barring a few obvious acceptable cases.

    MySQL goes over board because as well as having it in necessary or obvious places, for example indexes needing to be build appropriate to the collation and a column with a charset should produce an error if char is out of range, it does all this auto conversion on the connection layer with loads of confusing layered vars as well.

    It's the same crap as when people configure git to screw with line endings which git has no business going anywhere near and shouldn't be mutating a thing.

    First thing I always do is turn all of the nonsense stuff off.
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    What are the names of the books, please?
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    @R2-D2 it’s only published in Poland I think. But it’s nice drawings over 500 monsters I think.
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    @vane Nice. Thanks man.
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    @R2-D2 actually you can try order from publishers website. Would be nice to know if they deliver worldwide.

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