Would it be possible to use (S)FTP protocol in conjunction with push technology rather than pull? Perhaps websockets since both use TCP?

Say, something like an external server periodically sending my server files and when a new file arrives, I will get a notification. This instead of constantly polling my directory to check if there are files in it.

I think I can see this done with an Angular page that gives me a notification when a new file arrives on my FTP.

I think it might turn into an interesting little hobby project..

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    🤔would be interesting to have.
    I just setup a task that runs every few minutes and polls for changes.

    But to go the other way... this would save me some work.

    🚩for anyone that's managed to get this to work.
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    @C0D4 I'm not sure this is something currently useful but I'll have a look at it later:
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    You can be notified when something changes in a directory. Fsnotify was it called, if i remeber correctly.
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    @sashahilton00 I don't know but thanks, I'll look into it.
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