Starting a javascript coding challenge @ devRant.

Challenging javascript problems will be posted on a regular basis henceforth inviting all coders & problem solvers to be a part of this challenge to contribute & learn.

Challenge#1 starts 26Jan.
Get excited for some

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    New guy, doesn't even say hello, wants to do a coding challenge 🤔

    I don't know if it's what I ate for dinner or I smell something fishy.
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    Hello there! Trust me there is nothing fishy here.

    New to the platform hence don't know about the introductory traditions here :P

    Just wanted to spread my learnings here & since we all do not have all the time in the world so why not start it soon :D
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    Sounds very intriguing, I'm in.

    Also, welcome to devRant.
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    Who cares about introductions. Unless you're Kanye West I don't think you're a fish.
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    @don-rager Haha true dat 😅
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    What are you planing in using forbyour challenges? Just do this and that, or something actually like codewars and you just post a link to a kata?
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    Planning to start it here only as of now.
    - challenges will be posted on a regular basis, you are then required to provide solution(s).
    - upvote on correct solution(s)
    - and help others debug their solution(if incorrect)

    If it is a success and as per demand intergration of other platforms can be done to organise proper code wars
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    Sure, why not? 🤷‍♀️
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    Smells like “Do my homework” type of things.
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    @NoToJavaScript then again, do we care? If the Puzzles are interesting enough? :P
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    @Wack I’ll checkout the first.
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    Same @sarthaksaxena would you tag me in the first one?
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    @Wack Going to be TypeScript tho. Oh I’ll upload generated JS.
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    @NoToJavaScript it's meant for learning about some interesting fundamentals of the language and also will walk through how JS works internally.
    It can also help out in interview preparation.

    I would be posting solutions after 24hrs of each challenge.

    It's like *I am doing my own home work* per say
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    I'm a simple man, I see Javascript I run away ...
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