Do any of you have any good resources at hand on good ways of managing Docker deploys? I don't want to use something as overkill as Kubernetes. In the end I want to be able to spin up the application on a $5 DigitalOcean droplet if need be.

I need to figure out a good way of managing, deploying and rolling back a live application. Perhaps just using docker-compose is the way to go. Though I want your ideas.


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    I put a compose file on the server and use Ansible to deploy it to a certain tag when needed, just don't forget to prune images once in a while
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    @alexbrooklyn I haven't actually used Ansible, but I've heard it mentioned a bunch of times. Sounds like a simple and straight forward solution, and I like that it's no more that commands over SSH.

    I'll check it out a bit more. Thanks!
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    @ScriptCoded Well... still commands over ssh, you just describe them in yaml :p
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    Swarm or AWS ECS will get you there.
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    +1 @arcsector

    Also, the fargate deployment strategy will likely be easier to scale than droplets.
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    @arcsector Same thing there. I want something even simpler :)

    @SortOfTested And Fargate doesn't run anywhere, right? Or perhaps I misunderstood it's concept.
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    Fargate is just a packaged service deployment scaling model that alleviates having to manage and operate ec2 hosts. It executes the same container you'd deploy anywhere else.
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    @alexbrooklyn Thanks for getting me on that trail. Never before have I been able to learn a new tool and successfully deployed an application in 1.5 days of work. And no frikkin deamons or shit. Piece of gold!

    @SortOfTested Seems like I got my solution. Thanks anyways :)
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