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    Sublime, Atom, and VS Code seem nearly identical to me -- with Sublime having the drawback of bad extension support and being closed source shareware.

    I don't understand why Sublime Text exists.
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    @bittersweet it’s faster than both atom and vscode
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    @uyouthe I've never found any text editor to be "slow" 🤷
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    @bittersweet At my previous employer, I was working on a very large frontend and I ended up having to switch from Code to Sublime, and it got a lot better. Code was very slow as can be the case with an Electron app that needs to handle a lot of stuff in memory.
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    @bittersweet electron apps are always slow.
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    @QuanticoCEO pfff you just need more memory to hold all those... text files
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    @bittersweet adding more hardware does not solve the software problem... software is suppose to compliment hardware ... we have somehow changed the paradigm that now we must add more hardware so software can run.. even tho if properly engineered software would not need more hardware... this is proven because non electron apps and non high level languages programs work just fine cuz the software is written for the hardware... java fucks shit up
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    BRB going to make a text editor which runs distributed on AWS lambdas so it can scale.

    I'll use cloud GPU computing to prerender frames of blinking cursors, and cache everything in a high availability Redis cluster... don't worry, it will be super snappy.
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    Atom seems to have been abandoned by it's developers. It's as buggy as hell and makes visual studio code look like it's been created by an AI from another planet.
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