So this night, I dreamt that my devRant stickers arrived.

Well fuck they didn't lay on my desk when I woke up.

Why is reality like this.

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    Can relate. Last night, I had a dream that I stabbed two people to death and I'm hiding their bodies under the bed. I woke up and found no bodies.
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    @rutee07 Very relatable indeed, happens every couple weeks.
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    @rutee07 I normally dream my daily routine and when I wake up I'm like: Shit, I've to go to college again.

    Funny enough, most of the time my dreams turn out to be events that happen multiple *years* in the future.

    I had a fucking Dejavu when I went to a new school and guessed most of my classmates names right.

    Furthermore, I once had a dream about an examination I wrote in a classroom I didn't recognize and wrote everything I could recall on a piece of paper.

    Turns out it contained right answers in the correct order to an exam I had to write in my new college.

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    @PublicByte Please don't tell anyone about my daily routine, I'm trying to lower the body count down to just one every night.

    Kidding aside, that happens to me too. Your dreams can be cheat codes sometimes.
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    @rutee07 Side comment:
    "Same here actually, it's really weird"
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    Quality comment. This is what brings me back to devrant.

    Makes me mad that I didn't think of it first!
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