When CS professors are lazy to grade so they think they can just give you any grade without you questioning them...

Me: Hi Professor, I see I got a 94 out of 100 on my 2nd project. Your comments said, some of my functions didn't pass your junit test cases.

Prof: Yes!

Me: How come? I tested it several times before submitting and they all passed the test cases. You gave us the test cases to write the code for.

Prof: Yeah, but some of your functions aren't passing on mine.

Me: Since I'm in your office, can you please run it again so I can see?

Prof: Are you doubting me? I gave you the project and I'm telling you they're not passing my test cases.

Me: I just want to make sure because I did work really hard on this project to pass all the test cases. *Runs the code to show him on my laptop and they all pass*

Prof: Fine, let's run it together on mine again. *He runs it and they all pass on his laptop*..hmm, that's weird. They didn't pass when I ran them. Maybe, because of the IDE I used earlier.
Well, looks like you get your 100.

Me: Thank you but which IDE did you ran it in that failed? Just wondering..🤔

Prof: Doesn't matter now...they're passing. Just be ready for your next project...you guys will be writing the test cases yourself this time..

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    your prof is a little shitty bitch.
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    Sadly - that's how QA works in many companies these days.
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    At least provide failure log of tests
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    That's nothing man, I once had a professor give me 7/30 because a text field wasn't cleared. And this was on the resubmission our prof let us do. It did the same thing during the first submission but he had taken off design points so I fixed them and resubmitted. When I went to ask him why he took of so many points on the second submission compared to the first he told me it was a "thread synchronization issue due to different os's". The program was in java. And we both use ubuntu. I had to have the department chair make him stop being a shitty asshole.
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    @xenonth "little shitty bitch". Just found my new favourite insult
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    94 instead of 100, ahaha
    My university is infamous for giving marks that are completely random, I got 57 instead of 100 in a C++ paper once. Centralized corrections different facilities across different cities don't even allow any of us to get it corrected in person.
    I've accepted that I can't change it and that I'm not going to bother about my marks anymore, I find that works better for me than stressing out :)
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    @KrupaH haha the only reason why I had to ask is because everything worked fine plus he gave us the test cases so aside that, there was no need to take points off.
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    I once had a prof whose making scheme was:
    100% = it compiles and does what he asked
    50% = it compiles
    0% = it won't compile

    I got a 50% because of a misplaced brace in my hurry to finish the work 😕
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    @KrupaH VTU student spotted!
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    @xenonth @allyjweir you'll probably want "shitty little bitch". http://dictionary.cambridge.org/us/...
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