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Neither made the world a better place like Sillicon Valley,
Nor was busy fighting monsters like Witcher,
For the Kings and Queens who make more,
Whom the clients keep throwing Gold,
Was stuck in a project like soldiers in GOT,
Following JIRAs for my honor.

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    One might argue that the Silicon Valley isn't making the world a better place (or the TV show).
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    @Jilano TV show.. I belong to set of people who might never see the light of Silicon Valley(Place).
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    close your HBO and Netflix accounts and you will be 1 step closer to changing the world ;) Velocity of further steps will start rising itself
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    @Jilano Well the TV shows have done more good then the entire place.

    If silicon valley would be a place in star wars it would be the dead star. Pure evil and designed to destory societies.
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