I can't sign in to my wifi router on my phone because of a stupid JS bug. When you tap on the password box it uses JS to check if the username field is blank. If it is, it auto focuses on that instead. The problem is that it doesn't it think the username field has any content even when it does. So I can't enter my password! I tried blocking JS, then it doesn't render anything. It has no accessibility at all. Thanks a lot TP-Link.

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    If you bought it recently return the router to the store?
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    Use the dev tools, inspect the element, then use document.querySelector to get the form element. Set the form element value and submit the form.
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    @SortOfTested what browser are you using that has dev tools on mobile?
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    @heyheni It's pretty old. TP-Link hasn't updated its firmware since 2015. I would have put ddwrt on it, but there's no support for it. It's a load balancing router. I had three WANs for a while. Not necessary anymore, so I'm just going to get a better one.
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    Android, turn on dev mode, plug it, attach remote device.
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    get an actually good softkeyb and hit Tab. Might I suggest "Hacker's Keyboard" (org.pocketworkstation.pckeyboard), the best softkeyb i've found?
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    @Parzi Pressing tab didn't work, but the Hacker's Keyboard is pretty nice.
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    @ezpz very configurable, too. I prefer full 5-row, with volume buttons increasing/decreasing height.
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